Welcome to TechSoup's Nonprofit Social Media Page for Beginners

The number of social networking sites and tools continues to grow, along with the sites to help you navigate and stay current. We know getting started can be overwhelming!

This site is designed to be a starting place for those you just getting your feet wet, with curated resources, tips, and learnings from the leaders in nonprofit social media. We tried to make it as simple as possible, while giving you resources to further your learning, from organizations and individuals we know and work with, who are bigger social media experts than us.

We've chosen to focus on 6 (largest) sites we most use:

Not sure where to start? Start with some basics HERE! New to Twitter? Check out our Twitter 101! Interested in Social Media and Digital Storytelling? Check out our Digital Storytelling 101 HERE!

Social Media and Livestreaming
Here are some tips on how to video livestream

Have suggestions, stories, or favorite examples of organizations, email us at community@techsoup.org