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How to Join Facebook, by invisiblepeople.tv [Includes written tutorial]


Website: www.facebook.com
Founded: 2004
Users: 960 Million (via google.com/adplanner)
Primary Use: Social network
More info: Wikipedia, LinkedIn, TechCrunch, Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network. Users create a personal profile where they can share information, pictures, and updates with friends, family, networks, and online community at large. Members can use the site to communicate directly with members, join interest groups, and subscribe to and interact with organizations or brands through pages.

3 Ways to Use Facebook

Share & Brand

Facebook is a great way to share your story, and personality! Mix up the content and try different things. What works for some organizations may not work for yours.


Meet your community where they are at. Remember, it's a two way street - listen, don't just broadcast.


One of the biggest missed opportunities we see is organizations not including a call to action in their messaging. Let your community know how they can help, get involved, or learn more.

What's New

Facebook seems to change every few months. We do our best to update the information here, but a lot of the strategies (like the ones above) tend to stay the same and are all around good practices.

Who's Doing it Well

There are many organizations and people doing Facebook well. Here are a few to start with for some inspiration.

  • Invisible People - Case study by Geoff Livingston about "one man army who has taken social media tools to fight homelessness as a video blogger"
  • 350.org - Environmental organization who is pioneering the strategy of how to mobilize people globally around a single cause.
  • 11 Inspiring Nonprofit Facebook Timelines - by Nonprofit Tech 2.0, Heather Diosa


Social Media Policy & Guidelines for Orgs

Further Reading

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