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Twitter 101 Curriculum - the following guide will introduce you to some important terms and topics to help you on your way to using Twitter.


Website: www.Twitter.com
Founded: 2006
Users: 140 Million (2012)
Primary Use: Social Networking & Microblogging
More info: Wikipedia, Twitter, TechCrunch, LinkedIn

Twitter is a real-time network of short, text based messages (limited to 140-characters) for you to exchange, connect, and broadcast what you/your organization find interesting.

Twitter in Plain English, by CommonCraft Show

Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World. Twitter. (5 Year Anniversary Video), by Twitter

3 Ways to Use Twitter

1. Conversation & Listening

Twitter is great place to join and start conversation. Good way is to start with listening, by following people and searching topics.

2. Be Human & Have Personality

  • Use search to find out what is already being said about your organization (AKA your "backchannel").
  • Respond to concerns, questions, or acknowledge any praises.
  • Ask your followers about current issues or solicit feedback about your organization or programs.
  • Direct/link and encourage people to give further insights in a forum, blog post, survey or discussion group.

3. Relationship Building

  • Follow staff, members, supporters, or partner organizations. (Following also enables them to Direct Message you.)
  • Use lists to acknowledge supporters (ie, volunteers, conference attendees, regular contributors, industry leaders).
  • Create a staff list so other people can find and follow members of your team.
  • Review and follow other people from lists of other similar organizations.

20 Tips for Nonprofits Using Twitter | NetWitsThinkTank.com http://bit.ly/NfWt7p
Best Practices for Non-Profits on Twitter | EchoDitto http://bit.ly/LG9dEl

How to Join/Get Started

How to Join Twitter, by InvisiblePeople.tv

More Beginner Twitter Guides:

Twitter for Good, Book by Claire Diaz-Ortiz of Twitter (released August 2011)
Twitter Guidebook, by Mashable.com
WeAreMedia.org/Twitter (Wiki)
Non Fanatical Beginners Guide to Twitter, by Deanna Zandt
Beginners Quick Start Guide/Tutorial to Twitter, by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com


  • Tweet in on one of these 4 categories: Inspire, Connect, Entertain, Educate. -Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com/Author, Delivering Happiness: (Mashable Interview)
  • Respond and apologize for mistakes. RedCross Twitter Faux-Paux
  • Promote 12 times more stuff from other people. -Chris Brogan [Video] Chris Brogan’s Tips for Social Media Success
  • Understand the difference between starting a tweet "@ vs ".@". Starting w @ will only show up in the feeds of people following both you and that person. Include a period or start with a word at the beginning of the tweet, if you want it to be visible to everyone following you. More: Top 5 Twitter Mistakes (by oneforty.com)
  • 10 Steps to Start on Twitter (by SecondAct.com) http://bit.ly/oGnT2P

More Resources


  • SocialBro - Free tool to get insights on your Twitter community, follower stats, and dashboards
  • FollowerWonk - Another tool for for tracking, analyzing, and gaining insights on your Twitter followers.

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